Audel Guide to the 2005 National Electrical Code

Audel Guide to the 2005 National Electrical Code

Автор(ы): Paul Rosenberg


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Издатель:John Wiley & Sons Limited


Here’s what you need to know Understanding and following the voluminous National Electrical Code is a constant challenge. You need a reference that doesn’t waste your time. This guide extracts the information necessary for you, the installer, then arranges it for easy access and highlights the changes so you can quickly spot what’s new. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, you’ll want this book with you on every job. * Understand the terms and rules for installation set forth in the NEC * Identify what’s new in the 2005 version * Review each section of the NEC that applies to electrical installation * Find summary information on the new model ordinances * Learn about the significant changes in bonding and grounding requirements * Explore the expanded section covering communications equipment * Comprehend the new definitions and be able to use them in interpreting Code requirements


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