Materials and Infrastructures 1

Materials and Infrastructures 1

Автор(ы): Francesca Torre La


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Издатель:John Wiley & Sons Limited


This volume presents the first half of a diverse collection of chapters in the field of materials and infrastructures in transport systems, which illustrate the technological and methodological innovations required to rise to the challenge of building more sustainable transport infrastructures for the future. The authors explore the potential of these sustainable solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of materials and infrastructures, with a reduced environmental impact and lower cost. Theoretical and practical case studies address a variety of topics including circular economy and sustainability, the impacts of climate change, durability, lifecycle, auscultation and the monitoring of infrastructures. This book provides transport researchers and professionals with a better understanding of the current and future trends in these innovative fields, enabling them to put into practice new technologies and methods of design and management, so that new solutions can become current practices to truly improve modern transport systems.


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